Argumentation, Explanation, and Modeling the Behavior of Matter

The pathway is made up of a sequence of six units and two additional units now in development. The focus of each unit and the types of learning goals for participants are shown for each unit.


Units 1-3: Modeling and three-dimensional learning. Teachers develop and use models to explain matter phenomena (science) and explore how this reflects the shifts in the Framework and NGSS (science pedagogy).

Unit 4: Analyzing classroom cases to learn to build a discourse community to support modeling, argumentation, and explanation (student learning, science pedagogy).


Unit 5: Teachers analyze a high school classroom case of student developing and refining models to explain air pressure phenomena (student learning, science pedagogy).

Unit 6: Teachers analyze a middle school classroom case of students engaging in argumentation to develop particle model of matter (student learning, science pedagogy).

Units 7-8: Taking it back to our own classrooms: Teachers work in teams to adapt existing instructional units to integrate science and engineering practices (science pedagogy). (Currently a face to face workshop, now being embedded in two NGSX units)