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NGSX Partnerships for Research and Practice


The NGSX project has been partnering with school districts, state departments of education, informal science education providers, and math/science partnerships since 2013. We are working closely with our partners to design and support professional development using the NGSX model to engage teachers, coaches, administrators and informal science educators in the Framework for K-12 Science and NGSS. We are also exploring what participants learn and how they take it back to their classroom or coaching settings. The NGSX research component focuses on design principles to support practitioner learning about science practices, three-dimensional learning, and strategies for facilitating teacher study groups. Through work on the NGSX Facilitator Pathway we are working with states and districts to increase leadership and facilitation capacity for scale-up with NGSX and the new reform vision in science education. 


Participants Completed

Over 11,000 participants have completed an NGSX professional learning pathway.

Our Impact


States Involved

Participants across 29 different states have participated in NGSX programs, partnerships, & research.


Educational Leaders

Over 550 administrators and other educational leaders have completed a specialized learning pathway.

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